Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA - Ph: 1.xxx.xxx.xxxx
This website will be down until further notice
                            Your website was up. It took a lot of phone calls to your old hosting company,
                            dropping forms off to them and then re-assigning passwords etc to be able to get at all of your information.
                            You are now hosted with a company that I have used for years.
                            Their bill was $352.94.
                            You never answer your phone so I paid it on my credit card so as to get your site up and running.
                            Your site was up prior to my vacation and I came to you with the total bill (hosting and mine). 
                            You came up with excuses why you couldn't pay me at that time.
                            I have called you 5 times since my return from holidays.
                            For all the work, time, travel, phone calls and emails involved I will charge only $250.00
                            This is a total of $602.94 owing

                            When this amount is paid, your site will be returned to active status.
                            Also all information regarding the hosts, emails, passwords etc will be turned over to you.
                            If not, this page will stay up.
                            I have called, sent emails, texted and still no response from you.
                            You leave me no other options but to post this.

Revised - Apr 29, 2019